14 tonnen offshore air winch oaw 10.5 gp16

Speed 7.0 m/min, WLL 1st layer 14890 kg.

14 tonnen offshore air winch oaw 10.5 gp16 Technical drawning of 14 tonnen offshore air winch oaw 10.5 gp16
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Series: OAW/OMR - air winches for offshore applications

A set of compact lifting and pulling air winches. Their heavy duty planetary gearbox is set up within its drum core - it both saves space and protects from external damage. They are specially designed for offshore applications or for any other hazardous environment if space is limited. Winches designed to meet independent third party requirements such as ABS, Lloyds, etc. These standard winches can be fitted with several options and accessories. Some of these winches are prepared for manriding.

Standard features

  • Heavy duty planetary gearbox integrated in gearbox
  • Two drum supports
  • Cable fixing point at flange
  • Exhaust silencing mufflers
  • OAW: utility lifting
  • OMR: manriding prepared
  • OAW LV: rotary vane motor including (biased) throttle valve
  • OAW/OMR GP: contact less maintenance free gear motor including (biased) throttle valve
  • Standard temperature range -10° to +40°C
  • Automatic disc brake
  • FEM / ISO class: T4-L3-M5
  • Three layer 2-component conservation according ISO 12944 category C4-High, colour RAL 1023


General options for winches

  • Flanschteiler des Trommels
  • Trommel
  • Schutzabdeckung
  • Anpresswalzen
  • Spindel Endschalter
  • Encoder + Spindelendschalter
  • Handkupplung
  • Scheibenkupplung
  • Schalter des losen Seils
  • Pneumatischer Endschalter
  • Manuelle Bandbremse
  • Hydraulische Bandbremse
  • Steuerungskaste
  • Pneumatischer Steuerungsventil
  • Seilverleger
  • Zusätzliche Seilenverankerung
  • Schleifring
  • Emergency, Handantriebkürbel (an dem Elektromotor)
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WLL 1st layer [kg]:14890 kg
WLL lifting top layer:10500 kg
Speed [m/min]:7.0 m/min
Speed at top layer:16.0 m/min
Number of layers:5
Drum capacity top layer:244 m
Pressure drop:7.0 bar
Flow:350 l/min
Mass:1585 kg
Rope diameter:28 mm

*For more storage, higher / lower speed or change any parameter, please contact with us

Dimension D1:508 mm
Dimension D2:950 mm
Dimension L1:720.0 mm
Dimension L2:623.0 mm
Dimension L3:1545 mm
Dimension L4:1140 mm
Dimension L5:1090 mm
Dimension L6:750 mm
Dimension H1:1070.0 mm
Dimension H2:570 mm
Dimension H3:25 mm
Dimension W1:1150.0 mm
Dimension W2:1080 mm
Dimension W3:1030 mm
Dimension W4:690 mm
Hole diameter:26.0 mm